Home Services franchises are some of the most popular to own for a number of reasons. First, since these business can usually be run out of your home, you avoid the expenses of opening a brick and mortar location for your business. Working from home also provides you with more flexibility and a better work/life balance.

Any company that deals with the renovation, repair, or upkeep of a residential facility is considered part of the home services industry. That includes things like house cleaners, handymen, electricians, landscapers, and interior decorators to name just a few. If you are an investor looking to buy a home services franchise you have hundreds, if not thousands, of options.

So, how do you narrow the choice down to the one that is right for you? You may want to start by researching brands that fall under the umbrella of a larger home services franchise parent company. Two of the biggest of these parent companies are Authority Brands and Home Franchise Concepts. They are similar in a number of ways, but in others they are quite different.

The Newcomer vs The Group with Decades of Experience

Authority Brands has been in business for five years. They started in 2017, when an investment company purchased The Cleaning Authority, and Homewatch CareGivers. Since then, they’ve added two or three brands every year and now represent 12 different home services companies. These companies offer the following services: plumbing, electrical, heating and cooling, tree removal and pruning, mosquito control, house painting, house cleaning, in-home care for elderly and chronically ill people, a disaster restoration company, pet sitting, pet waste management, and swimming pool maintenance.

Authority Brands’ vision is to positively impact the quality of life for their franchise owners, their employees, and their customers. The company’s passion is helping and guiding brands with great potential. They continue to look for new brands to acquire, with the goal of providing everything a homeowner could possibly need, “from roof line to property line.”

Home Franchise Concepts has been in business for 30 years and is currently comprised of eight premium home service brands.

In contrast, Home Franchises Concepts (HFC) has been in business for 30 years. Our earliest brands included Budget Blinds, a custom window treatment company; Tailored Living, a home organization company; Concrete Craft, a decorative concrete company; and AdvantaClean, a home restoration company. Two years ago, we were acquired by JM Family Enterprises, Inc. so we are now backed by their 50 years of franchise experience. Since then, we have added four new brands: Kitchen Tune-up, Bath Tune-up, Two Maids & A Mop, and Aussie Pet Mobile. Our home service franchise opportunities are now composed of eight premium brands, and we are actively acquiring new franchisees to own and operate these brands all across North America. The success of our franchisees is the heart of HFC. We promote their success with our core values of communication and cooperation, reinforcing the idea that we’re a family here at HFC.

Benefits of a Home Services Franchise Group

When you buy a franchise, instead of building a business from scratch, you get the benefit of being a part of a company that already has a good reputation, and a recognizable name. You will receive intensive training in not only how to operate the business based on their proven model, but how to most effectively perform the services your new business offers.

If you choose a franchise that’s part of a consortium of brands, you know you will get all that, and more. They know what support their franchisees need to be successful and they provide it. Plus, as part of a large brand family, there are plenty of other franchisees to network with.

Another primary reason for choosing one franchise group over another is whether they include the type of home services business that appeals to you. For instance, if you interested in remodeling, you might be interested in buying a Kitchen Tune-Up or Bath Tune-Up franchise under the Home Franchise Concepts Umbrella. If you are interested in flexing your artistic muscle, then a Concrete Craft franchise might be right for you. Or if you enjoy creating calm out of chaos, it’s what Tailored Living specializes in.

Find out More about Home Franchise Concepts

If you’d like to find out more about the Home Franchise Concepts family of eight premium home service franchise brands, contact us today. One of our Franchise Consultants will answer your questions so you can see why HFC has the reputation we do, and can talk to you about your specific goals to determine which is the best HFC home services franchise brand for you.