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What is a Franchisee Association and Should You Join?

Should you join a franchisee association and are they actually helpful when dealing with franchising issues? Learn more about what to expect. Franchisee Associations Defined As a part of a large franchise system, franchisees may feel like they aren’t sure who to turn to when questions or concerns come up, especially if there’s an issue [...]

How to Find a Business Partner the Smart Way

A business partner can be a great asset by helping you lighten the heavy load of responsibility and grow faster than going solo. Here's how to find a partner. Qualities That Lead to Success Opening an independent business or buying a franchise is a big decision, both personally and professionally. The idea to partner up [...]

Franchise Fees: What Am I Paying For? No Nonsense Guide

Franchise fees don’t have to be confusing. Learn everything from initial fees, royalty fees, and more. See where your money goes and how it grows your business. Initial franchise fees vary, depending on the industry and the brand. Know what you are paying for before you buy. INITIAL FRANCHISE FEE Not to be [...]

Are Franchises Good Investments? Get the Objective Truth

Exploring opening your own business and wondering if a franchise makes the most sense? Franchises are smart investments due to lower start-up risks but ultimately, your rate of return depends on several factors. See if franchising is a good investment for you. Considering leaving your current job to open your own business? Explore if [...]

Top Inspiring Women in Franchising Today

Generations ago, most business owners were men. If a woman was in charge, it meant that her husband or father had died and there was no one else to run things. When the U.S. Census Bureau began tracking female entrepreneurship in 1972, they counted 400,000 women-owned business. Fifty years later, the latest census numbers show [...]

Authority Brands vs. Home Franchise Concepts: Which is Right for You?

Home Services franchises are some of the most popular to own for a number of reasons. First, since these business can usually be run out of your home, you avoid the expenses of opening a brick and mortar location for your business. Working from home also provides you with more flexibility and a better work/life [...]

What is a Turnkey Franchise? Is It Right For You?

What is a Turnkey Franchise? Is It Right For You? Imagine unlocking a world of opportunity with a simple lock and key. Opening the door into a new future for you and your family that is laid out, ready, and affirmed. What would this look like to you? For many, a franchise is the answer. [...]

Best Franchises for Millennials: What to Look For 

Franchises appeal to millennial entrepreneurs for work-life balance and the opportunity to be their own boss. Here’s what to look for when deciding on a franchise. Naturally inquisitive and open to learning, millennials make excellent leaders who consider the opinions. THE EMERGENCE OF “MILLENNIPRENEURS” In addition to being the largest generation currently part [...]

Future of Franchising: Identifying the Areas of Growth

Future of Franchising: Identifying the Areas of Growth The future of franchising is bright due to the integration of technology and the rise of entrepreneurship. See why franchising is expected to grow. A POST-COVID FRANCHISING BOOM Many workers around the globe faced furloughs and layoffs at the onset of the pandemic in 2020. Now, as [...]

How to Start a Home Services Business From Home

When the COVID-19 pandemic began in March 2020, stay-at-home orders forced Americans to remain at home the majority of the time for upwards of a month. Even after things opened back up, many companies decided that having their employees continue to work virtually was better for the bottom line. Now, since many people have been [...]