Expert's ChoiceA phenomenon of the modern world is up-close and way-too-personal connections with celebrities. The 24/7/365 internet and media world allow everyday people constant access to the celebrities they most admire…and love…and follow. These virtual “friendships” create a connection that often results in copying the fashions, lifestyles and attitudes of the famous personality. But, what interests business is what products and services are used by said personality and, by that use, promoted to their fans?

Tailored Living® featuring PremierGarage® has the distinction of being the franchise of choice by certain celebrities for not only their home improvement television shows, but also for home and garage storage solutions in their own homes.

  • Last year, Tailored Living installed custom closet organization systems and did two complete garage renovations for Jonathan and Drew Scott, the Property Brothers’, Las Vegas home (Property Brothers at Home).
  • Tailored Living serving Northern New Jersey recently did a basement reno and three-car garage makeover with garage storage cabinets and specialty garage flooring for Rev Run’s (Joseph Simmons) New Jersey mansion (Rev Run’s Renovation).
  • Tailored Living has worked with George to the Rescue on six rescues in the past 2-1/2 years, for families or organizations in need of some serious help. The latest was a basement remodel in April 2015 for a family with a special needs little boy.

To be chosen by the experts elevates the Tailored Living brand and gives us bragging rights!

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The value of celebrity branding

Property Brothers Tailored Living

Jonathan and Drew Scott, the Property Brothers, clown around with Chip Tighe of Tailored Living on the set of Property Brothers at Home

In marketing, exposure is everything, and the more ways you can get your name and brand messaging out there, the more leads you will generate. Tailored Living’s affiliation with the Property Brothers at Home, Rev Run’s Renovation, and George to the Rescue TV shows has enabled Tailored Living to become part of their expansive worlds.

  • The TV shows reach vast audiences every time they air (first time and reruns).
  • When included in social media posts about the projects we’ve participated in, Tailored Living is placed before their uber-wide audiences. (For example, the Property Brothers Facebook has 721,998 likes and Rev Run has a whopping 2,110,022 likes–and Twitter goes through the roof!)

It’s no small thing to be linked with a celebrated name, and not every franchise can make that claim.

These celebrity TV shows are fun and entertaining to real people–the Tailored Living customer base. They give heart and humanity to the Tailored Living brand, and show people how they, too, can change their lives through the “magic” and beauty of organization.

Harnessing the power of media exposure

Home Franchise Concepts (HFC), the parent company of the Tailored Living, Budget Blinds® and Concrete Craft franchise brands, is committed to pursuing all avenues of media exposure to benefit the entire franchise system, across all the brands.

Media efforts include radio spots, media tours, television shows, print media and cause marketing.  These types of activities keep Tailored Living top of mind with consumers and continually drive leads to local franchise locations nationwide. Additionally, to maximize all these partnerships, HFC creates press releases for franchisees to use in their local area marketing in conjunction with the national exposure, keeps the corporate Tailored Living Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter accounts humming with current posts that franchisees can socialize in their own networks, and promotes celebrity affiliations on the Tailored Living consumer-facing website with a “Featured On” section that highlights all the celebrity partnerships.

Benefit by association

Rev Run Tailored Living

Twitter and Facebook posts keep the conversations going

As a Tailored Living franchise owner, even if you personally never participate in one of the television shows, the widespread, ongoing promotion benefits you. When you socialize corporate posts, blogs and your fellow franchisees who are involved, it puts you in the spotlight as well. And, the Experts’ Choice designation is shared by all; you can claim it and use it in your local advertising.

With Tailored Living, you’re part of a strong support system that goes way beyond the everyday types of advertising and promotion to literally reach for the stars. This year has continuing celebrity partnerships that will help to keep Tailored Living in front of millions of consumers.

It’s been said that “today is the first day of the rest of your life.” If you want the rest of your life to be different, a Tailored Living franchise offers an excellent opportunity to be your own boss and determine your own career destiny. Here are just some of the reasons for owning a Tailored Living franchise:

  • Low buy-in, flat royalty and marketing fees
  • Protected territories
  • Product excellence; vendor support and guarantees
  • Veteran discount incentives for qualified applicants
  • A proven business model with a proven track record
  • Home-based, family business
  • Happy, successful franchisees
  • Celebrity endorsements through partnerships

Go online to and learn more about becoming an independent franchise business owner with Tailored Living. And who knows? You just may end up on TV one day!