One of the biggest advantages of owning a franchise business is that you’re not out there alone in the big, wide advertising world. Your business rests securely on a national advertising presence managed by the franchisor and collectively financed by Corporate and all your fellow franchise business owners, sharing the costs and reaping reward.

SalesHome Franchise Concepts (HFC), parent company of the Tailored Living® franchise, believes in a diverse and robust national presence to create positive brand awareness and keep Tailored Living top of mind with consumers. A combination of print, radio, TV, Social Media, digital marketing and a dynamite corporate website helps to keep a consistent flow of leads to Tailored Living’s franchise locations through zip code search referrals. The National Advertising Fund ensures that a constant, multi-faceted media presence will benefit each and every franchise business owner.

The whole marketing spectrum

The National Advertising Fund (NAF) means you don’t have to pick and choose a’ la carte where you’ll place your advertising dollars. Is local TV best? How much is a radio spot? What local publications will generate results? What about digital marketing? You don’t have to do everything yourself. With the strength of a collaborative NAF, you have every effective marketing avenue supporting you and your franchise business.

Your local advertising dollars on top of the national advertising spend creates a synergy that you just couldn’t buy on your own as a small independent business owner.

  • Updated and current corporate website with fresh content and professional photography
  • Radio consumer ads
  • Pay per click and Banner ads online to direct shoppers
  • Press releases, national and local
  • Magazine and newspaper exposure
  • Cause marketing like veteran assist programs
  • TV coverage as the “Expert’s Choice” for home improvement (Property Brothers at Home, George to the Rescue)
  • Extensive social media on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, Houzz, Yext and Google+
  • Professional templates and advertising pieces for your own local advertising activities
  • Regular Corporate consumer-targeted emails to generate traffic
  • And more…

Successful FranchiseAdditionally, repetition of message is important in marketing with the “Rule of Seven” theory shaping marketing strategies. That simply means a consumer needs to hear an ad seven times before actually listening to the message or taking action. That much advertising would keep a small business owner too busy to get any work done! But the NAF efforts keep the brand message playing 24/7, repeatedly catching consumers wherever they are—online, listening to the radio in the car, watching TV, flipping through a magazine at the dentist’s office or on their mobile phones.

Check out the links below to see how a vibrant national presence contributes to the success of a Tailored Living independent franchise business owner by elevating the brand to award-winning status and helping to generate local interest as well.

Tailored Living industry awards:

  • Best of Houzz awards for three years, 2013, 2014 and 2015
  • The Customer Seal of Excellence—2013, LWS, Inc.
  • Entrepreneurs Franchise 500, ranked #367
  • Franchise Business Review, ranked #13 in Home Services category
  • The Military Times ranked best for Veterans #20
  • Canadian Franchise Association—Franchisee’s Choice Designee

A winning franchise model

If being your own boss is appealing, Tailored Living® featuring Premier Garage® may be your best next career move. Here are 10 reasons to consider becoming a Tailored Living independent franchise business owner:

  • A proven business model with a proven track record
  • Comprehensive training and mentoring
  • On-going Corporate support
  • Protected territory
  • Flat royalty and marketing fees; how much you make is up to you
  • Local and national marketing expertise
  • Product excellence; vendor support and guarantees
  • Strong reputation in the industry, high customer satisfaction
  • Ranked in Franchise Business Review’s 2015 Best of the Best: Top 200 Franchises
  • Veteran discount incentives for qualified applicants

Don’t wait. Start investigating today by going to for a free franchise consultation to see if franchise ownership is right for you. And remember, you’ll be backed by a strong national brand that gives you all the resources, world-class support and marketing savvy you need to grow your business and be as successful as possible.