Closet and garage franchise, Tailored Living, offers something unique for consumers who are looking to renovate their home or garage. The redesign process can be a very stressful experience for many, but with the combination of technology and expert help of Tailored Living franchisees, the experience is actually quite seamless. Utilizing exclusive 3D design software, D’Vinci™, clients are able to see an exact rendition of what their current space looks like, in 3D and with the exact color scheme layout that they want to implement.

With the ever-changing demand for new technology, the closet franchise sets itself apart from competitors with a system that not only meets client’s demands, but exceeds them. Closets Daily magazine features Tailored Living and writes about how the D’Vinci™ software serves as a superior visual tool and is even able to place the order, so homeowners know their custom home organization orders have been placed in queue for production, and will be ready in a few weeks.

The garage franchise strives to make client’s home organization design dreams a reality, and it is through the great service of Tailored Living specialists as well as D’Vinci™ that make this possible. To view the full article click here. To learn more about all of the great franchising opportunities Tailored Living has to offer, visit us at